Gigs resume tomorrow (Saturday) with a show at Founders, Grand Rapida..

AFTER breakfast we get some work done, tidy up the apartment and pack for the drive to Kalamazoo.

There’s some merch orders to be sent out, so first stop is the post office. Jeez, what a performance to send stuff…even sending to Canada needs a four -page customs form and is twice the price of sending forms he UK to Canada. In saying that, the post office staff are friendly and extremely helpful. Just seems a really convoluted process!

No gig until tomorrow (Saturday) when we hit Grand Rapids…we’re headed for our pals Doug and Micki’s in Kalamazoo where we’ll be based the next couple fo nights. Its only a couple of hundred miles, but the traffic’s pretty heavy. We arrive just after 6pm.

its great to catch up with our pals over drinks, then a pot roast and wine and chat ’til well after midnight 🙂