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A DAY off and no driving…but the Ramada hotel in Albany falls way short of expectations 🙁

The breakfast area is pretty manky and the whole area needs a good clean. The lifts have been out of order since we arrived and the only two stairs are fire escapes at each end of the block and open outside. Then a walk round the corner to get back in the front door of the hotel.

We’re own the fourth floor…after asking to be changed form a dirty room on the sixth when we checked in…so it coulda been worse, except that the keys need reactivated to get in the fire escape door….and then when we get to the room, they won’t work in the lock there. Back down stairs, outside, back in, back up…what a fucking performance. And not so much as an apology.

Plenty of work to get on with then we head out to a supermarket for some supplies before taking the car back to Enterprise to arrange an oil change which we then get done a few blocks away.

Back at the hotel I do a couple fo Facebook livestreams to promote the final four shows of the tour then I get my eNewsletter done and scheduled to go out first thing in the morning (UK time). Read it here.

i get a bit of work done chasing shows etc for the West Coast/LA visit in January then we chill for a while before bed.