WE’RE not long up when Catriona and Freya arrive and we all have some breakfast

Catriona, Margaret and Freya head off into Glasgow to hopping for  dress for Catriona for the wedding in January and I potter about getting some stuff tidied up around the house and garden.

The fire’s not been lit yet this year..partly because it’s not been that cold since got back from the USA and partly because there’s no wood in the house. I go out to the woodshed to chop some wood, but the place is so full of other stuff it’s kinda hard…I manage to sort some out, go back into the house to clean out the fire and  notice the pane of glass on one of the doors is broken.

I kinda recall seeing it in the spring time and thinking “we’ll sort it over the summer”…but we obviously didn’t. 

I don’t see a spare pane in the garden shed so spend a good hour or so delving about online to see if I can source a replacement. The stove is a pretty old model and the manufacturer discontinued that range a good while ago. I find plenty spare parts online but hold of ordering until I’m sure we don’t have a spare kicking around.

There’s some odd things to get done in the office then, when Margaret gets back we have dinner then go along to our pals Martyn and Louise’s a few villages away. Margaret’s decided to drive.

Some of their neighbours are in too and we have a grand night – although Martyn and I both drink waaaay too much and suddenly it’s after 2am. There may be some hangovers in the morning!