Awesome venue for Tenby Blues Festival’s main stage

WE’RE packed up and checked out the hotel by 11am…it’s only a four-and-a-half hour drive to Tenby, but we’ve been given a heads up that the traffic can be pretty bad.

As it is we have a fine journey and check into our seafront hotel not long after 3pm, drop off our stuff then make our way to the De Valence Pavillion to load in and soundcheck.

Parking  is a nightmare in Tenby so we pull up on the pavement to load in then Margaret goes to find a parking spot. 

Both Lightnin’ Willie and Paul Garner and their bands are stuff in traffic. We must’ve made it through just in time.

The sound and light guys are amazing and I’m soon set up and sound checked.We taken for some dinner then it’s time for me to hit the dressing room and prepare for the show.

The venue is full when I hit the stage and I have a grand time trough my hour-long set.There’s a lot of folks we know and its busy at the mercy table for the rest of the night. I hang out and chat to folks and pop in and out to watch some of Paul Garner and Lightnin’ Willie’s sets.

I’m a little worse for wear but he time we leave. We’re picking up the gear in the morning and walk back to the hotel, stopping for chips and cheese along the way. A fatal blow!!!

Nice to catch up with Lightnin’ Willie and his band 🙂