WE’RE both pretty knackered when the alarm goes off but manage to drag ourselves outta bed.

I’ve got a load of work piling up and amn’t quite sure where to start…I defer things in favour of promoting the Glasgow show at King Tuts on Thursday (22 November) and also Edinburgh the following week.

First I need to make some ‘social’ videos – including one to replace the video int he current Facebook ad which, now the Dundee gig’s been, is out of date.

Once the vids are made I plough through some paperwork and emails.

I’m kinda feeling I’m not making much headway and want to get a walk and some fresh air before it’s dark so I go for a wee wander up the lochside. First time since we got back from the ‘States.

Back home I fight with the internet for a while, then other technical hassles before I finally get a couple of Facebook livestreams done.

`Then it’s more office work ’til I notice it’s after 8pm and I need to go in and make the dinner….