Clarks, Dundee…great venue, great folks 🙂

WE have a bit of a lie in then after breakfast Margaret sorts out the merch and I get busy in the office.

Once we’re clear we do a couple of Facebook livestreams to help promote tonight’s show in Dundee then we repack the car.

After a quIck stop to see Catriona and Freya we hit Dundee  and load in at Clarks for tonight’s show. Promoter and sound engineer Kit is waiting for us and soon we’re set up and soundchecked then I nip out and find some grub for a pre-show snack.

While not as busy as I’d have hoped, there’s still a good crowd in and the room looks respectfully full. The show goes great and I have a blast..and we shift a good amount of vinyl. I enjoy a few drinks and chat with folk then we get tidied up and load out.

It’s well after 11pm when we stop at the supermarket for some shopping on the way home and 1am when we roll up home, unload the gear at the studio and fall into bed.