My first attempt at making the Spanish chicken with chorizo and cannelini beans works out fine 🙂

A LITTLE fragile this morning, but plenty coffee and a good breakfast soon sort things out.

I hit the office and make a start on my accounts..the books haven’t been done since the beginning of August and the pile of receipts and other paperwork on my desk is preventing me focussing on other important tasks.

All the income and outgoings from the USA tour ain’t gonna make things any easier, so I get stuck in.

By the time we have to leave to go to Catriona and Will’s I’ve made a decent start. With luck I’ll finish it all tonight.

We have a lovely lunch with Will, Catriona and Frey and hang out for a few hours.

When we get home I accompany Margaret on a run…it’s dark and cold, but she’s determined to get back on the couch to 5k programme which has fallen by the wayside largely due to the USA tour and aftermath.

I’d planned to continue with the accounts when we get back in, but it’s getting late – plus, Margaret’s got stuff to do, so I should really tackle the dinner. I’ve not made the Spanish chicken with chorizo and cannelini beans. It turns out good tho’ 🙂

After dinner I try and solve the guitar wireless dilemma – the old Line 6 Relay G50 system works fine…but the receiver won’t fit in the effects case alongside the Fractal AX8. I initially got round the problem by using Line 6’s new G10 system, but the need for adaptors to make the transmitted work with guitars with active pickups became totally impractical…and it wouldn’t work at all with my wee Collings guitar.

Unable to find an alternative before the USA tour I reverted to using a cable but that’s been a hassle…apart from compromising my performance – I don’t like the restriction of being tethered (!) – the cable alway seems to find it;s way between my foot and the stompbox. And it always seems to be tangled round my legs and feet!

Last week I ordered a new compact system that looked like it might solve the problem.And while it was great ergonomically, it sounded pretty crap and was noisy. So it went back.

At King Tut’s I took the old system in a bag along with all the necessary power adaptors and connections and it worked a treat. Fine if we have space in the bag and time before my set to rig everything up.

In frustration, despite having no cash, I order another system – the Line 6 Relay G30. It has a smaller receiver that will fit in my effects case..but it’s still gonna mean two things to be plugged in to mains outlets until I can work out some kind of custom power supply. While a  lower spec that the old G50, the G50 transmitter packs I have should work with the G30 receiver. We’ll see….