Not another food pic!!! Yup – sorry – red beans and rice this time 🙂

STRAIGHT into the office. Accounts. Yeuch!

I spend a couple of hours sorting all the stuff form the USA tour then tackle the daily routine stuff I put off earlier. good chopping, fire, tidying up, bins etc. Then back to the spreadsheets.

Next break is to make a batch of black bean soup. Enough for today’s lunch and three or four more portions for the freezer.

Over the course of the afternoon I get the accounts all up to date then start tidying up the office. It’s a mess.

There’s a fair degree of satisfaction when I finish up, lock the door behind me and go into the house and light the fire.

In the kitchen I crack open a beer and cook up some red beans and rice…with Tasso ham and Andouille sausage. Nice….