AFTER a mad dash to get breakfast and the daily jobs done I catch the bus to Alexandria…I’ve a hospital appointment shorty after 11am and Margret has the car today.

I get to the hospital right on time and don’t have to wait too long. After an examination– and a second opinion – I’m given the all-clear. Phew. Been a little concerned for the last coupla months so good to have my mind put at rest.

The bus home is’t for another 90 minutes. I resist the temptation to for coffee and a cake, instead opting to walk along to Loch Lomond Shores and have a look around to kill the time. I’m back home by 2pm and heat up some of the black bean soup I made yesterday.

There’s nothing pressing in the office, so I hot the studio instead and spend a good few hours messing around with the guitar and trying to get my head round programming the Fractal AX8 on the unit itself rather than via a computer. There’s been a few times where a coupla tweaks coulda made a bit of difference, but I didn’t want to mess around and experiment at soundchecks!

We’re having pulled pork for dinner – the last portion of frozen leftovers, so i only have to make up some BBQ sauce and make some sweet potato fries in the airfryer. We have the pork on brioche buns with some homemade sauerkraut, coleslaw and the fries.

I call my pal Lee who’s opening the Edinburgh show on Friday to let him know timings etc and we have a good chat for an hour or so. Looking forward to seeing him…been too long!