I go out for a wee wander and am attracted – once again – by the Milarrochy tree…

AFTER breakfast I go straight into the studio and finish editing the boulder audio point video.

I also end to add some audio. make it all sit properly and add captions that will work in a square format piece.

It all takes a bit longer than I planned, but it’s worth it. I send it to Betty to check over  along with the photos…if she’s cool with it, I’ll post it around some local social media tomorrow.

The bottlecaps with the new resin still haven’t hardened, but the others with the older stuff have, so I make some into fridge magnets and stick badge pins on the back of the others. We’ll see if there’s any interest in them on the merch table,

In the studio I get all the gear ready for going away. We leave early door tomorrow (Wednesday). Then I go for a wee walk up the lochside.

We have the local community trust AGM later, so i make an early dinner of steamed bao buns with pulled jackfruit in a Chinese-style BBQ sauce. They turn out OK but I’m not sold on the jackfruit. Not sure if it’s the sauce that I’m not keen on…or the jackfruit itself.

The AGM is at the local village hall and thankfully goes pretty quick…still a load of stuff to sort for tomorrow!