Some of our new pals in Rakvere…

THERE’S a great breakfast spread in the hotel…but half way through Margaret doesn’t feel too good. And its not a hangover.

She heads for the toilet then messages me to say she’s going to have to back to the room…she’s not well. Sickness and diarrhoea 🙁

Back in the room she goes back to bed and I get some work done and last minute social media promo for tonight’s show. Then I need to go and find a music shop to pick up some gaffa tape to tape my footstep down on stage.

The nearest music shop’s a good ½-hour walk away but I figure I can get there and back before we need to check out the hotel at midday.

There’s no gaffa tape at the shop, but I’m back with 15 minutes to spare and pick up some meds for Margaret – she’s still feeling awful and calls reception who very kindly give us a 2pm checkout.

Meantime, our pal Martin calls…I go and meet him for a coffee and he takes me to a nearby shop where we find the tape.

The hotel is right beside the bus station and our bus to Rakvere is at 2pm. We get here and board the bus in good time, but a two-hour bus journey with the skits and feeling like she does is not a great prospect for poor Margaret.

We both sleep the majority of the trip and promoter Eduard is waiting for us at the bus station and whisks us off to a lovely apartment where we’re staying for the night. We have a couple of hours there before he comes back to take us to the venue, so Margaret gets another rest.

When we get to the Buena Vista Sofa Club Elmer is waiting to help us set up and soundcheck. All goes great. The backstage/dressing room area is fantastic and there’s a nice spread of food, snacks and drinks…and a big couch and blankets for Margaret to lie down.

Still a couple of hours ’til doors. I do some Facebook Livestreams and nibble on the food then doors open and showtime approaches.

The place is full when I hit the stage for the first of two 45-minite sets, take a break and have a beer then finish the show. The audience is very reserved and I’m kinda worried…but at the end when I go into the crowd they all start to go crazy…and I realise that’s just the way. There’s plenty enthusiasm round the merch table, drinks and hi-jinks before we get packed up and Eduard drives us back to our apartment,

Margaret’s feeling a bit better, but still not 100%. Hope she’s better in the morning…