C Duncan entertains at the SMIA Christmas party

WE don’t have to go into Glasgow ’til late morning so manage to get some stuff out the way despite impossibly slow internet.

After dropping Margaret off I head to The Money Shop (always the best rates) in Byres Road to change some Euros we brought back from Estonia. After waiting in a queue for a good half hour I find they don’t have enough sterling to change all – and there’s not that much – euros. I take what they have then go to the bank.

At the bank – as usual – I’m directed away from the tellers to a pay in at a machine, where the queue is longer than that at the tellers! I eventually get to the machine where it spits out half my money  numerous times then cancels the transaction.

So, it’s back tot he queue at the tellers – they allow me through this time!

The whole changing money and paying into the bank should have taken 15 minutes tops…instead, it’s been and hour and a half, and I still have some euros to change.

Next stop the post office. Another fucking queue – but only ten or 15 minutes this time. I send off the merch orders, change the remaining euros and finally get back to the car.

I make my way to Silverburn where I pick up a burrito for lunch then go to New Look to get the security tag taken off a jumper Margaret bought at their Tenby store. Margaret got the jumper out the bag last night to find the security tag still on. Luckily she had the receipt. The girl is extremely nice and removes the tag no problem.

I’m picking Margaret up soon so I don’t have as much time as I’d hoped to get some work done – but I tackle what I can over a coffee in McDonalds.

It’s the Scottish Music industry Association (SMIA) Christmas do this evening in a  kinda weird venue – a daycare centre just off Great Western Road. There’s food, drink, lots of pals and folks we know plus live performances from C Duncan, Siobhan Wilson and Michael Timmons. And Margaret’s driving tonight 🙂

We have a grand time and manage home before midnight.