WE wake up at a reasonable time at Catriona and Will’s – Freya hasn’t stirred during the night and has slept from just after 7pm last night through to 7am this morning!

After some toast and a coffee I get some work done while Margaret tidies up then Catriona arrives back home just before midday.

We chat for a while then hit the road, stopping in at the local village hall for the community lunch event.

It’s a dark, grey, damp day..and the rain’s starting to turn to snow. We get the fire lit and do some bits and bobs around the house then meet Betty at the local pub to pick up some pizza and walk back to Betty and Joe’s.

After we eat I help out with a couple of wee things then set about trying to sort Joe’s laptop.

We have a nice evening and get home just after 11.30pm and watch a Billy Connolly documentary with a glass of wine before Margaret falls asleep on the couch indicating it’s bedtime.