Good to get a walk with Matty, Jonno and Riah

I WAKE up at quarter to ten. Shit! Jonno and Riah are coming up at 10am. Panic!

We’re up and got our shit together when they arrive and we have some breakfast and coffee. Catriona and Freya arrive then Matty, Jonno, Riah and I go out for a walk.

It’s good to get some fresh air and much-needed exercise.

Back home we have coffee and biscuits then Jonno and Riah hit the road – they’re going back to Manchester.

Matty’s not far behind them then Catriona – who’s been working out seating plans for the wedding on Friday – and Freya head off.

I need to get cracking on the press/radio/media PR stuff for the USA dates so I knock up a news release and fire it off to some of the more urgent contacts.

A message from Martyn comes in asking if we wanna join him and Louise for a drink which we do then get home just after 7pm for dinner and an early night. Not exactly the alcohol-free day I’d planned, but at least we didn’t kick the ass out it!