WE’RE NOT long up when Betty pops round – she’s got an envelope for Catriona and Will for their wedding tomorrow.

After breakfast I get a few bits and bobs done then try and get to the bottom of Betty and Joe’s email problem. They’ve not been getting emails since mid-December – I had a look on Hogmanay but couldn’t fix/solve it.

This morning, I manage to see what’s gone wrong then go along and fix it all up. Working 🙂

By the time I get back it’s almost time to leave for Catriona and Will’s. We’re going this evening to help out with any wee bits and bobs for the wedding tomorrow.

At Catriona’s wee make up the boxes for the favours then I nip to the supermarket to pick up some ingredients for dinner. Will’s home when I get back and we have a few beers, eat and chat the night away. Big day tomorrow!