A LITTLE fragile when we wake up at the hotel in Bridge of Allan, but we’re aiming to be down for breakfast by 9.30am.

Catriona, Will, Greig, Les, Gillian and Nathan are there already and we have breakfast and blether. No-one else makes it down!

Margaret nicks some crossiants and stuff and takes it up to Les…she’s awake, but opted out of breakfast. Booking via the hotel’s own website added a £20 surcharge per person for breakfast which is why Les gave it a miss…booking.com seemed to include it (which is how we booked) and the girl at the hotel said it was an additional £8. Weird!

A bunch of us go back to Catriona and Will’s and the party continues. By late afternoon everyone’s gone their separate directions – we’re staying over tonight to babysit Freya and let Catriona and Will out for a meal.