BEFORE I hit the studio I need to decide on the quantity of vinyl to send to the ‘States – I’ve already worked out all the cost/weight/size options.

While I wanna make sure I have enough for the (hopeful!) live show sales we won’t have space in our bags to bring any unsold stuff back…and nowhere to keep it in LA.

I make a decision and start booking the shipping – but the carrier needs an email address and telephone number for the recipient…we’re sending to our AirBnB which and thee details are meant to be kept private. I realise I can use one of my email addresses and forward any communication to our host via the AirBnB system…but I still need a phone number. I fire off a message and thankfully our host is agreeable and gives me a number.

I finish the shipping order and hit the studio for some songwriting.

After lunch a web client comes for some help with their two websites…some updates and also a ‘refresher’ session on how to edit the website/s content. There’s a fair list of things to tackle!

We get through it all and I have some things to do from my end which I tackle as soon as the client’s gone…then I prepare the merch shipment for collection tomorrow.

Back in the house I open a beer and start making the chicken, chorizo and canellini bean casserole…a fair bit of fannying about..then it goes in the oven for an hour. Worth it tho’…