I manage to spend a little while in my recently set up songwriting enclave in the studio’s live room

I GET the routine jobs out the way, but before I can get to the studio there’s a coupla things needing urgent attention.

First up, the folks trying to make a custom power supply for my guitar effects case have emailed asking if a certain enclosure will fit in the case….it’s almost twice the length of what I specced up! I re-send my original spec.

Then there’s a radio session/interview to be sorted in California…but the dates/times aren’t working out and I need to suggest some alternatives.

Finally, an hour-and-a-half later than planned I get across to the studio to work on some new stuff…I’m now short of time and not really in the right frame of mind. I make a little progress before a late lunch.

We can’t go far as the courier’s picking up the merch that’s bound for the USA. They arrive mid-afternoon then I accompany Margaret on run as part of her re-juventated couch to 5k efforts.

In the office I tackle some more pending jobs – including a landing page for my website with a smart link to stream/download some of my music. Ot takes a while to find the right smartlink service…and one that doesn’t cost money. If it looks like it’s worthwhile I’ll invest in it once proven. There’s a button on my landing page or you can check it out here.

Then it’s time to light the grill and make the Vietnamese beef for dinner…

I finally find a smart URL service worth a whirl…click the image to check it out…