I have to try and re-work some lyrics…either my phrasing has changed overnight or they never scanned properly in the first place!

WE’RE not long upo when a call comes in asking if I can re-schedule a phone interview from 10am to 4pm. No problem. A few minutes later another call informs me that actually 10am is possible after all. I go for 10am.

After breakfast I hit the office and wait for ‘the call’ which last a good 45-minutes…then I pick up on the routine daily tasks.

Catriona and Freya drop in for a coffee and I head to the studio to work on a couple of songs. There’s something weird with one of them – the newer one…the lyrics don’t scan consistently from verse to verse.Dunno if the phrasing has just changed in my head or what, but I end up re-jigging the lyrics to fit, taking out a load of ‘extra’ words and slimming it down a bit.

Later on I go for a walk as darkness falls and do a couple of Facebook livestreams just for the hell of it.

When I get back, Margaret’s managed to get the dracked glass out of the woodburner door so I help her add some new seals and put the new glass in. Looks much better now!

We’re going to Betty and Joe’s for dinner but there’s half and hour to kill so I put the bottle cap badges and fridge magnets into the online store. Be interesting to see if folks like ’em.

I’m just finished when we wander along the lochside and have a wonderful night with our pals…Betty’s cooked up a fantastic meal and we eat, drink, chat and laugh ’til it’s time for home.