I’m on a mission top get our X-Air mixer working with an external router. It works 🙂

MARGARET’S on a mission to find out what’s happened to the blinds that were meant to be delivered yesterday (Friday).

Long story, but Yodel’s tracking said they were out for delivery – nothing came then, just as we were leaving for Betty and Joe’s the tracking said they;d been delivered two hours previously. Bullshiiiit!

Anyway, an online chat with Yodel resulted in Margaret finding they’d been signed for by a name we didn’t know…and Yodel have no more info. We scratch our heads, do some research and find they’ve been delivered to the local pub. I go and pick them up.

Margaret starts putting ’em up and I hit the studio to try and set up our mixer with an eternal router..the internal router works, but isn’t very reliable– there’s an unused Netgrear Nighthawk router kicking about, so I may as well find out how to put it to work.

Getting things configured and working is a bit of a faff…but that’s mainly due to manuals and guides being over-complicated and making what turns out to be a fairly straightforward and logical process something for serious boffins only!

Back in the house, the hall blinds are up and looking good. Duncan and Irene are coming tonight and I’m in cooking duties (although Margaret’s made desert). Veggie gyoza top start then jambalaya….

Things are running a little behind when they arrive, but soon we’re on track and enjoy a night catching up – we haven’t seen these guys since September!