WE’RE not long up when Catriona and Freya drop in for a coffee.

I’m busy outside with stuff for the upcoming trip – we leave on Monday and there’s a lot of set lists and rehearsal to be sorted out…as well as the merch that we’ll carry with us. Looks like the rest has arrived safely tho’ 🙂

Betty’s popped in for a coffee and needs some help with emails – neither her, nor Joe’s, e-mail is working. Again. I’m in the middle of stuff but promise to take a look later.

It’s nearly lunchtime when Catriona and Freya head off and Margret’s now pretty short of time to get stuff done…not least as she’s agreed to help Mikey with his accounts and tax return on Sunday. The day before we leave for the ‘States and it’s going to e a considerable job,

Quite why folks leave their accounts/tax return ’til a few days before the deadline is a mystery to me…he’s had seven months to do it. And if there’s stuff/info missing guess who’s problem that’s gonna be!

After lunch I’m in desperate need of fresh air and a break so I go out and get a couple of poster up for the local gig on 2 March.

Back home I do some stuff in the studio then hit the office and do some website updates for a few folks whose sites I developed.

The power supply for my pedalboard has been built and should, hopefully, be here on Friday – just in time for the USA trip.

With our wee Sony RX100 being goosed we’ve been looking into some video blogging solutions and narrowed it down to the the GoPro 7 Black and the DJO Osmo Pocket. We can’t afford either, but good as our iPhones are, they’re just not up to what we need to do…and if either are available form stock, today will be the deadline for an order. The Osmo has the edge for our needs and is a little cheaper so it gets ordered…and my credit card is burst again. Not the best preparation before we head off on a trip but to hell with being careful.

It’s quite late when we have dinner – the final leftovers from Sunday’s roast – and I’m done for the day…a pal recommended a documentary about Chris Whitley.

I can only find the Facebook upload so connect to the telly via AirPlay and settle down to watch. Epic.