THERE’S a few email and stuff to take care of then I get busy in the office.

First job is updates to the local community trust website – and some new sections and archives to be created.

Next up, some stuff relating to the USA trip….we leave on Monday and there’s still some stuff to be sorted. I chase a guitar string order and the power supply for my pedal board, both of which I need for the trip and, as usual, I’m getting nervous about things not showing up on time.

It’s a beautiful day and probably my last chance to have a walk and some exercise before we leave so I grab the remaining local gig posters and embark on an eight-mile round trip walk to put ’em up.

Probably not the best for my plantar fasciitis – ‘sore feet’ – and I’m suffering a bit when I get home. I’m determined not to let it put me off exercise and after two or three months I’m still waiting on a referral to a physiotherapist from the doctor.

I need to print out some set lists for the USA shows. I already made them up and stored them online in Dropbox for printing on demand, but I need to rehearse my set/s and it’ll be good to have a coupla hard copies to hand.