Margaret on merch at the Doll Hut….

THERE’S a show tonight in Anaheim, so my first major task is to do some last minute social media posts and promo.

It’s the first of the month tomorrow (Friday) which means eNewsletter day. We’re heading up the coast to the National Reso-Phonic HQ in San Luis Obispo tomorrow…and on to Morro Bay so there won’t be much time to get any work done before we leave so I write and design the eNewsletter and schedule it to go out first thing in the morning (UK time). Read it here.

We’ve still been stuck sorting a system to accept card payments here in the USA. It appears we might be able to use Paypal Here albeit with sterling transactions. We go out on a mission to get hold of a PayPal card reader but first we stop at Top Baguette for some banh mi – comes recommended by our AirBnB hosts and with Linda having Vietnamese roots we have high expectations. And we’re not disappointed – the Vietnamese sandwiches and spring rolls are magic 🙂

Next stop is too pick up the PayPal card reader and I’m also keen to get some kind of protector for the new MacBook Pro. I don’t need a laptop bag or anything fancy, just some kind of ‘number’. An open box deal in Best Buy nets me a bargain.

We’ve an hour for so before w need to head to the Doll Hut and laid in so we test the PayPal card reader. Alas, no joy. It pair OK with my iPhone but we can’t get it to accept a card – contactless, swiped or inserted 🙁

It does look like we can use PayPal Here. but it means putting in the card details manually which is probably gonna be too much of a faff, especially if its busy at the march table. The whole idea of this is to speed things up, not slow ’em down!!

We load in at the Doll Hut where engineer Rory is waiting. Barstaff Nikki and Mike furnish me with a beer and we get the mercy set up and wait for the other acts to arrive.

The first act doesn’t appear. I’m on second, so I get a chance to set up and soundcheck and am ready to go at my allotted stage time of 9pm. Just as well as my wireless system seems to be playing up. I try a different transmitter pack but its still acting oddly and I end up using a cable.

The gig goes well and the other bands – Hajj and Alaeddin are really friendly and enthusiastic as is the crowd albeit fairly small.

We hang out and watch the other bands and then stop at a Denny’s on the way back for a snack. Denny’s ain’t very good!