Breakfast at Abe’s 🙂

WE slowly get our stuff together in the hotel room, over a few coffees then drive over to Abe’s (Perlstein) place in Los Osos for breakfast.

A retired Hollywood/film photographer and now radio host, Abe lives in a great place full of music, memorabilia and great art/photos. He’s made us French toast…but not yer average French toast…this all-organic and locally sourced masterpiece is made with chocolate and zucchini bread, eggs, vanilla, coffee liqueur and topped with hazelnut’s, strawberries, banana and mandarin oranges!

We eat and chat over coffee before we hit the road for Ventura. There had been a Sofar Sounds show planned for today in Los Angeles, but the Super Bowl final scuppered it. Hopefully we’ll do it on our next visit.

The hotel in Ventura is pretty cool despite the pouring rain. We dump our bags and head out to a nearby Staples to return the PayPal card reader…another ill-fated attempt to take card payments over here!

We decide to use the microwave in the hotel room for dinner and call in Trader Joe’s for some supplies.

back at the hotel we relax, enjoy some beers and eat…our fresh, microwaveable meals are surprisingly good. Must remember this for future visits!