AFTER breakfast in the hotel room we pack up and leave Ventura and make our way back to LA.

The rental car has to go back to Santa Ana where our pal Jim meets us and takes us back to his place – we’re staying with him and his wife Lecretia tonight.

We spend the next few hours sorting out our bags and checking weights for tomorrow’s flight to Frankfurt.

Our hosts have been very kind – not only picking us up today and having us stay at their home, but also meeting us at the airport and taking us to the AirBnB at the start of the trip – so we suggest taking them to a restaurant of their choice for dinner.

We go to a nearby Peruvian restaurant – the menu is exciting and the food good…but midway though my main course I start to feel unwell. Uh-oh.

I manage underplay my discomfort – and keep my visits to the big to spew discreet – until everyone’s finished eating. Back at the house I go straight to bed…but the vomiting merry-go-round continues. This isn’t looking good for our return flights tomorrow….