We say cheerio to Jim..and wee Randy…at LAX

I FEEL a lot better when I wake up…but there’s a weird dizzy thing going on…like my eyes catch up with my head a few seconds after I move.

Dunno if it’s because I’ve been lying down too long, dehydration or what, but after a shower it seems to have stopped.

Meantime, Margaret’s having fun and games trying to get our replacement flights paid…all our credit cards appear to have been blocked and it takes umpteen calls to banks and back and forth through Lufthansa’s customer service line to get it sorted.

Around midday Jim drives us to the airport and we say cheerio and get checked in. We’re allowed to take the guitars on board and the flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt takes off on time.

I’m avoiding alcohol and caffeine for the time being, so Margaret gets my drinks too as we eat then settle down, watch some movies and try to get some kip…