A LAZY morning and a Valentine’s breakfast of smashed avocado on toast with a poached egg and some sriracha.

I spend an inordinate amount of time sorting a Facebook video ad for the upcoming Scottish shows then get on with planning and booking USA tour dates for July into August.

We’re having a bit of a nightmare planning travel though…our aim is to fly to California, then Chicago, then home…but ad hoc flights are expensive. Originally Wednesday hoped to fly into California and drive West to East dropping the car off in New Jersey at the end of the trip but the charges for dropping a vehicle off at the other side of the country are excessive.

I have a phone meeting at 2.30pm and once that’s out the way we make up a shopping. list and hit Glasgow stopping at the doctor’s to pick up some insurance certificates, the post office to send off some merchandise and the optician so Margaret can order some new reading specs. A few extra glasses of red on the plane saw her bust the leg off her current ones!

We pick tip a big sack of lump wood charcoal at Rightway – the best value, and best lump – on the south side then the usual Costco and Tesco shopping. It’s 8pm by the time we’re home and Margaret cooks up our Valentine’s dinner 🙂