UP early to get into Glasgow in time for my appointment at the eye hospital.

I have to wait a bit longer than usual…always intrigues me that no matter if its doctor, dentist or hospital – and could be first or second appointment of the day – that you’re generally seen at least half an hour after your appointment time!

Click the image to read Music News Scotland’s gig guide…

Anyway, the consultant is someone I haven’t seen before and, as is often the case, they want me to come off the steroids. Me too…but for the last 15 years its not worked! I suggest some kind of monitoring to see when the uveitis starts to break through but am met with “we’ll see you in two months”. Here we go again….

We have some shopping to get and I need to pick up materials for the back projection screen I’m gonna put together for the Memorial Hall show.

It’s nearly 3pm, when we get home and start getting some work done. While in Glasgow I tethered my laptop to the iPhone and managed to upload the California video blog to my Facebook library in 10 minutes (rather than the six, seven, or more hours it was gonna take from home). I set it to ‘premier’ at 7.30pm and go out for a walk in the rain during which I do a couple of livestreams alerting folks to the ‘event’.

When I get home I find Music News Scotland‘s latest gig guide has yours truly on the cover and a nice feature on the upcoming shows 🙂

The interaction on Facebook is much better than the previous evening’s YouTube premier.

We have dinner, I do a little more work then we chill for a wee while in front of the telly and watch the last part of The Defiant Ones.