AFTER I get through the routine stuff there’s some online listings to finish for next week’s run of Scottish shows and a wee bit extra social media ‘push’ to be done.

The post brings a renewal letter from BT. I’m in a wee bit of a quandary as I’m working with the council to secure 4G router trials in the area and, if it’s successful, I won’t be wanting BT’s (for the moment) crap broadband. Fibre is still somewhere in the wild blue yonder.

I call BT and decide to move onto a rolling contract so I can stay flexible.

I organise a visit to a PRS members’ fund grant holder tomorrow…but I cannot access any paperwork on the PRS ‘system’. Security is – quite rightly – pretty extreme…but my login credentials have expired and despite over an hour to the organisation’s IT Helpdesk, the situation is unresolved by close of play. Grrrr…

There’s an hour or so of daylight left and I elect to go for a walk rather than cut and paint the wooden frame for the projection screen I’m gonna put together for the Memorial Hall show a week on Saturday (2 March).

It’s dark when I get back and I hit the office where I scan some press cuttings, pack up some merch orders to go to the post office tomorrow and make up set lists for the upcoming shows.

I put together a herb and spice mix and cut up some pork shoulder as the first stage in making a batch of Andouille sausage before Margaret makes dinner. The mix goes out in the fridge and after we’ve eaten I retrieve it and put hot through the mincer…a cheapo plastic affair form Lakeland that I fear has minced its last. Its just not up to the job. At least I get this batch of mix through before its goosed.