A NICE lazy morning and breakfast then I get busy adding brackets and hooks to the framework for the rear projection screen.

We’re picking Andres up tomorrow (Monday) so wanna get the studio tidied up ready for any activities we may undertake through the week.

I keep the social media promo bubbling along over for the upcoming shows and make up a shopping list for supplies to see us through the week. We’ll get some shopping when we go into town to pick up Andres.

The BBC’s new Scottish channel launches at 7pm and there’s been a load of hype over the last series of Still Game which airs on the channel later on…first, though, we have to endure the painfully bad A Night at the Theatre. It’s fuckin’ awful.

Luckily, I have dinner to make and the salt and pepper tofu is ready in time for us to watch Still Game. It’s OK. It’s followed by Burniston which always intrigues me as there’s bout five percent great stuff and 95% shite. Real shite. How it can fluctuate from hero to zero is beyond me.

Before we get to see Nae Pasaran we have to endure another half hour of A Night at the Theatre. Its even worse than the first part.

Thankfully Nae Pasaran is magnificent but its gonna take an awful lot more to offset the terrible launch feature of A Night at the Theatre.