AFTER breakfast Andres and I hit the studio. Priority job today os to create a patch on the Fractal AX8 so Andres can play through it rather than using an amp.

I connect the AX8 to the computer – its much easier to program that way – and Andres plugs in. Very soon we have a special patch set up, ready to go for the Glasgow and Edinburgh shows. We;’re planning something different for Saturday’s show at Memorial Hall 🙂

The sun’s shining so we take an hour or so’s walk up the loch side – when we get back Margaret;s made some soup for lunch.

I keep an eye not he smoker – and the pork but I put on early this morning. Pulled pork tonight!

In the office I get busy with a bunch of stuff and soon its dinner time. We eat, drinks and settler down and watch some stuff on the telly. Big day tomorrow…