Great to see Ginny, John and Caroline for lunch 🙂

WE’RE up early – lots on our respective to-do lists today.

I have a fair bit of work to do on paperwork for the local 4G broadband pilot – not only agreements and grant drawdown forms, but also I need to get info out to all the folks taking part in the pilot.

There’s a load of video from Saturday night’s show which needs to be organised asap. I edit up Ione song for Andres and upload it to Dropbox. I’ll send him raw footage from the two cameras and an audio file some other way – far too much to send via Dropbox or other online services.

I’m just finishing Andres’ video when the phone goes. It’s my cousin Ginny. She and husband John are over from Manhattan and taking their niece Caroline on a road trip round Scotland…she’s also from the USA, but studying in Edinburgh.

Anyway, they’re only half an hour away and wonder if we’re around to go for lunch. We are..and, of course, keen to see them…they’re soon with us and then we hit the local pub for lunch. Its a flying visit, but we have a grand couple of hours 🙂

We say cheerio then I get on with getting info out to the folks taking part in the broadband pilot.

We’ve got most of the posters for Saturday’s show down, but there’s one still up a few miles away. I need a walk, so load up some podcasts and enjoy a seven or eight-mile walk before darkness falls.

I’ve a load of paperwork and stuff to sort for tomorrow’s Musicians’ Union meeting in London. I get it all in order then make some taco dough…then prepare the rest of the stuff for pulled pork tacos. Yum!