My personalised capo from G7th with the company’s new ‘adaptive radius technology’. It works!

AN early breakfast to let it go down before I go to my second yoga class in the village.

The yoga is a bit harder this week…and my balance is awful… but I’ll give it a bash a few more times before deciding if its for me.

When I get home Margaret’s ready for her couch to 5k run – week two, run one. I go with her.

There’s some poster art needing done for one of the upcoming Estonia shows and I end up doing three times…first time I get a name wrong in the supporting act, second effort Google Translate gives me a totally wrong translation for ‘Thursday’…third time I finally get it right!

A new personalised capo has arrived form G7th. It features their new ‘adaptive radius technology’ (ART)…which clams to let it fit all profiles of guitar necks thus avoiding the tuning problems normally associated with capos. I was a little sceptical when I saw them at the NAMM show and wondered if it was just a marketing gimmick, but it really does work. And well.

As an official G7th artist, I take a snap of it in action to post round social media and do my but to help promote it.

I manage a little while messing around with. new song idea in the studio then go back to the house and knock up a veggie green curry. Like the last green curry it’s a bit on the salty side but I cannot work out why – the only salty stuff is the fish sauce which I went easy on. Must one something to do with the last batch of curry paste I made but, with no salt or salty ingredients, I can’t work out what’ wrong.

After eating we walk along to see Betty and Joe and enjoy a chat and a few glasses of red.