WE sleep through all the alarms and have lost a good bit of the morning by the time we’re up and had breakfast.

I’ve a few small things on my to-do list, but my main focus today is getting my accounts up to date. Despite knowing that it’s so much easier if I keep stuff up to date, I haven’t done anything with my spreadsheets since the turn of the year…and there’s a big pile of receipts in a folder on my desk.

I must tackle it today. That means no distractions, no guitar, no social media or checking emails every so often.

Margaret’s off the the local stitch’n’bitch later…while its too early for me to eat, I go back to the house half-hour before – it’s bolognese for dinner, so easy to heat up for ‘staggered’ dinners. Margaret eats while I prepare a mirin, sake and miso marinade for tomorrow’s salmon.

While I’ve been up to my ass in accounts, Margaret’s managed to sort another show for next months Netherlands/Belgium trip. Just as well as the ‘tour economics’ spreadsheets wasn’t working in our favour!

She’s also done the washing and the bed sheets and pillow cases have been in the tumble drier. I don’t want her to have to iron ’em all when she gets back so I tackle the job and pull it off in a kind of a way.

Once done, I eat and have only just finished when Margaret gets back. Together we put the sheets on the bed – Margaret’s reasonably impressed with my ironing efforts – then watch the final episode of Shetland. A good drama, but the six hour-long episodes could easily have been condensed into two…or a feature.