The grey, damp afternoon casts an eerie feel over the loch

MARGARET’S off into Glasgow to get her hair done..I get busy setting up the back end for a web project I’m working on for a local pal.

I managed to bring most of my accounts and spreadsheets up to date yesterday, but there’s a few other bits and bobs needing sorted.

It’s mind-afternoon when Margaret gets back and I go out for a walk and some fresh air.

My cousin Fred’s coming for dinner tonight, so when I get back I make up some prawn spring rolls – the fresh kind in rice wrappers – and some nuoc cham dipping sauce. The light but fiery dipping sauce is made with water, rice vinegar, sugar, lime, garlic, chillies and fish sauce and complement the spring rolls much better then the peanut-based sauce that is often served with them.

The rest of the dinner – miso, miring and saki marinated salmon (put in the fridge to soak overnight) with cold buckwheat noodles and purple broccoli – is relatively quick and easy…and Margaret’s made some chocolate pots.

It’s great to catch up with Fred – we haven’t seen her in ages – and the chat (and red wine) flows until we release it’s 1am…