I RUSH through the routine tasks and head to the village for my third yoga session.

Different teacher today and its not quite as (physically) intensive as last week.

There’s time to get some work done when I get home then its time to go to Stirling for my physio appointment…four m months after my doctor’s referral. I’m impressed tho’. Zero waiting time and the physio – who looked about 15 – was really good.

A contrast to my past experiences in Glasgow when I actually got banned and told not to come back. Long (but funny) story for another time.

We take advantage of being in Stirling to get the week’s shopping then stop in to see Catriona, Will and Freya on the way home.

We’re home just after 6pm. The days has kinda passed unproductively, so I try and get a little more work done before starting to prepare dinner while we watch Apple’s event from a few hours’ before. No new hardware but some interesting new ‘services’.

After dinner we watch the Mötley Crüe biopic, The Dirt – entertaining enough but not much of a story…