AFTER a slow start to the day I get on top of stuff.

There’s a bunch ofshows to be added to my website, various online listings sites and, of course, set up as Facebook events. In amongst it all is a couple of private/house concerts – before I can add/list them anywhere we need to check with the organisers how much info/detail they want out there.

In between times I make an effort to do the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist…one lot have to be done three or four times a day and another one to be done twice a day.

After lunch I spend a wee while in the studio messing with song ideas but really just going round in circles.

Some fresh air might help so I go a walk up the loch side and am home in time to help Margaret with dinner preparations – Betty and Joe are coming for dinner.

We have a nice quiet night with our pals. It’s not a late one and we’re tidied up and off to bed by midnight.