A fun visit to Norman’s Rare Guitars in LA…

THE phone rings at 7.25am. It’s someone fairly local with a Mac/iPhone panic…can I help? I’ve a busy morning and tell ’em I’ll call back when I’m clear and pop up.

As it is, the morning tasks are dealt with quicker than I expect and I head up the road to help.

Back home in time to get a big batch of black bean soup on the boil then a local councillor stops by for a ‘quick’ meeting that ends up lasting close on two hours.

After lunch I accompany Margaret on her couch to 5k run – week three, run one.

There’s more poster art to be done for upcoming gigs then I mess with some ideas to develop a new song that’s starting to take shape.

Norman’s Rare Guitars in LA has posted a video of yours truly playing a 1930 National ResoPhopnioc tricone when I stopped in the other month…I’d forgotten all about the wee session, so nice to see it out there.

We have an early dinner prior to a local community trust meeting…the meeting fin wishes soon after 9pm. We get home sometime after midnight!!