THE ‘kids’ are coming for a family day tomorrow (Sunday). Looks like the weather’s gonna be OK so we’ll have a cookout.

We need stuff to make burgers – or pre-made burgers – for the grill and all the accoutrements…and grilling burgers is a bit mainstream, so I’ll get some proper BBQ not he go too.

We’d planned to hit Glasgow for the shopping, but wee Freya’s been a bit off-colour during the week and Margaret’s decided she’s going to see her – even though she’ll be coming here with Catriona and Will tomorrow..and we’re going there to look after her Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. ‘Fraid I don’t get the logic.

Anyway, end result is that I have to rush into Glasgow and get all the shopping and get back so Margaret can get the car.

All goes to plan and we swap over early afternoon. I clean and trim up the chicken thighs before a liberal rub with Memphis dust and stick ’em in the fridge. I’ve picked up stuff to make a red cabbage slaw with the shopping. Mikey doesn’t like mayo, so this mayo-less zingy slaw might do the job.

I check online to see if its possible to shred or grate stuff – ie: the cabbage and carrot – in the Blendtec. Kinda wishful thinking and, of course, there’s no way…although I do discover that it can grind meat tho’, so may try that on my next Andouille sausage production.

There’s a 20-year-old food processor in the cupboard. I dig it out – in recent years I’ve only used it to chop ingredients for my black bean soup…but some online research into what the bunch of unused blades and accessories are for bears fruit. The cabbage and carrot are done in seconds and the cleanup is a quick rinse. Easy peasy and I have a big glass bowl full of shredded cabbage, grated carrot and sliced spring onions.

My dressing involves organic apple cider v vinegar, dijon mustard, agave, lemon juice and some more secret ingredients. I make it up and seal it in a. container ready to be mixed through in the morning. That’ll let the dressing flavours develop but avoid the slaw getting soggy by sitting in the dressing for too long. An hour or two before we eat should be just right.

Margaret’s home just as I finish and we have the left over jambalaya for dinner then relax for a while before having an early night.