NOT such a nice day today – grey and damp…and Margaret’s not feeling well. Think she’s picked up whatever Freya had.

She phones the doctor, gets an appointment for mid-afternoon and goes back to sleep.

I’ve finally managed to migrate everything I need to the new laptop and ‘archived’ the old one. The new laptop is out in the office where it belongs and I can get back into my routine of doing my desk-bound work in the office rather than at the dining table.

Being the first of the month it’s eNewsletter day. It was sent out to my mailing lists automatically earlier, but the link new needs spread round social media.

Rather than posting an update with a link to relevant Facebook groups, I have the idea of doing a short livestream directly into each group.

In time-honoured tradition, though, every time I start going live the internet drops out or comes to grinding halt so its slow progress. I manage to get a dozen or so livestream posts done before I call it a day.

Margaret goes to the Doc and I stay in the studio working on the new song ideas…she returns with a throat spray and various other meds and I make an early dinner. We’re off to Catriona and Will’s tonight…the childminders on holiday this week so we’re gonna stay the next coulee of days to look after Freya.