WE’RE up early – and so is Freya – to let Catriona get off to work.

Will gets back in form nightshift and chats a while before heading off to bed.

Margaret’s busy with Freya and I get on with some work – but Margaret’s throat and cough are giving her gyp. We put Freya in the pram and take her a walk into the village and stop at the chemist to get Margaret some throat sweets.

Back at the house we have some lunch and I get on trying to progress some more bookings for the summer USA tour. Its hard going, but I manage to move three or four more shows along 🙂

Will gets up mid-afternoon and I carry o working while chatting. We need some stuff from the shop so Margaret and I take Freya out in the pram again, getting back just as Will is about to leave for this last night shift for a few days.

Catriona’s back from work soon after 6pm and we chat as she and Margaret make some guacamole and salsa to go with the chilli for dinner then they put Freya to bed.

After we’ve eaten, I get a message from a musician pal in Canada who’s coming across to Scotland next month (May). He’s keen we do a show together and the dates are pretty tight. We have a think and check out possible venues, all of which – as we feared – are fully booked for the foreseeable.

Margaret suggests the Record Factory in Glasgow’s west end. I check and Sunday 12 May looks like it might be available so I email an enquiry and get a quick response saying we can do something. I message Sean in Canada to see if he’s agreeable., Watch this space.