THERE’S some more promo to be done on the Glasgow gig that’s coming up in a few weeks.

Once done I head to the studio, clear up and set up for a photoshoot…I’m doing shots of one of the new trustees on the local community trust tomorrow morning and want to be ready to turn it round sharp. JonZip and Maggi are coming tonight, so I know I won’t have much time to prepare in the morning.

There’s some follow up stuff on the USA booking to be done then I spend some time in the kitchen making Vietnamese spring rolls and nuoc cham dipping sauce for this evening’s starter. Margaret’s on the rest of the meal!

She’s been working on a wee run of Scottish shows for later in the year (November) and finally manage to tie down an Aberdeen date. The Glasgow and Edinburgh dates are, for the moment, at the mercy of the venues.

Jon and Maggi arrive just after 7.30pm and we have grand evening…Jon and I are up ’til after 5am putting the music world to rights!