Pulled pork tacos – with home-made corn tortillas….

NEEDLESS to say I’m gubbed when the alarm goes off just after 9am…that’s what a 5am shot does to you.

After a shower I’m feeling a little more like myself and we sit down with Jon and Maggi for breakfast.

This is when I’m glad I set up the studio for this morning’s photoshoot with Maureen!

We have breakfast and. I’m on top of things…then I start to wonder of Maureen’s forgotten. I giver a call, and yup, she has forgotten…she’ll come along in a few minutes.

Meantime Jon and Maggi get ready to hit the road and are leaving just as Maureen arrives. We chat for a bit, say cheerio and I take Maureen to the studio to get her photos taken.

Back at the house we have a coffee and Betty pops in to join us.

I’m in the office sorting Maureen’s pix when a call comes in – someone wanting me to take some snaps in a couple of months time. I check the diary, we chat about it and I email off a proposal.

The local 4G broadband project is underway. The guys came with our router and a basic antenna yesterday morning but the results aren’t very encouraging. Given the budget, I’m a little surprised at the low-level kit (ie: router and antenna) they’re providing…and I’m not sure they’re sticking to the procedure outlined in the proposal which included ‘installation, if necessary, of an outdoor antenna’. It all boils down to interpretation of ‘installation’ – but for me that doesn’t mean sticking it on a window with the cables coming in said open window.

Anyway, I take it on myself to do a bit of experimentation and screw the antenna onto a long bit of wood and try it in various locations using the supplied EE data SIM and the Three SIM out my iPhone. I take a note of all the upload/download speed and ping results. Dunno if the antenna”s useless or what, but it doesn’t really make any difference.

I end up putting. the router on the window sill indoors and using just the built-in indoor antenna. Hoping other folks on the trial are having more joy.

I get a little more work done then make some corn tortillas for the pulled pork tacos we’re having for dinner. We veg in front of the telly and turn in before midnight. Knackered!