AFTER breakfast I decide to send an email out to Glasgow area folks letting ’em know about next month’s (May 12) show at the Record Factory.

Normally I send out just one eNewsletter a month and it goes to the entire mailing list. I think it’s important that everyone that wants the info gets it, even if at that point there may not be any shows local to them…they may be on holiday, happy to travel, recommend to a friend..

One of the good things to come out of the GDPR debacle and forced ‘back to square one’ with the mailing list is, that starting afresh, I now have city and country info for most of the folks on the list. I decide to try this out by making a group of Glasgow area folks and sending them an email. You can see it here if you wish.

Next job is to make a wee social video to promote same show.

I head into the studio and talk to camera then edit it together with some footage from Sean Oliver to make a square0format video.Once I have Sean’s approval, I fire it round Facebook and Instagram. At some point over the next week or so I’ll use it in a Facebook video ad for the show.

We’ve been invited to Betty and Joe’s for dinner and head along there just a after 7.30pm for a nice evening chatting over dinner and a few glasses of red.