LOOKS like another nice sunshiney day 🙂

Once the routine stuff’s out the way I tackle the online tax return. Thankfully all the login stuff works first time and I’m able to get it all done.

Going through some figures with Margaret instigates a scary cash flow/income discussion that we don’t really manage to resolve. Think we need a minor miracle in the coming months.

I have a report to do from yesterday’s PRS members’ fund visit and another one to prepare for tomorrow.

There’s some tweaking to be done on a. web site I’ve been putting together for a local business and a couple of funding proposals to be submitted on behalf of the local community trust.

Finally I get into the studio and do a very rough mix of a demo of a new song. We reckon it has potential but defiantly needs some ‘bedding in’ timer that’s only gonna. one if I keep playing it.

It’s almost 6pm when I get out for a walk up the lochside and do a. couple of impromptu livestreams – one each to my Facebook profile and page.

Back, I do a little more work then call it a night and go back into the house, open a beer and rustle up a tofu green curry.