I HAVE a PRS members’ fund meeting with a grant holder in Glasgow first thing.

On the way into town I decide to park in Bearsden and jump on a train which works nicely.

I’m done by midday, get the train. back, pick up the car and some bits and bobs of shopping and home in time for lunch.

After getting my meeting report done I do a little work on the new ‘intro to Dave Arcari’ video. I wanna keep not short and punchy…but I also need to make sure there’s enough of each featured song to be meaningful and also represent the different kinds of shows I play. It’s a difficult balance.

While I was driving earlier something came on the radio about Record Store Day. its tomorrow (Saturday). I really should do a wee video and get folks into Love Music in Glasgow to buy some of my vinyl. I take a few video clips but don’t have time to do anything now. Maybe in the morning.

We nip along to see Betty and Joe for an aperitif which turns into two or three..then wander home, make dinner and relax a while.