The new ‘introduction’ to yours truly video…

WE’RE up at a reasonable time as Catriona, Will and Freya need to head off sharp-ish.

First, though, I make the breakfast burritos. Haven’t made them in a good while, but these are probably the best I’ve ever done. The salsa is good too 🙂

I’ve putting off the first cut of the grass in the front garden but it’s really needing done so I get the lawnmower out then doing some trimming and cut back an overgrown bush.

One of my main tasks to day is to finish editing the ‘introduction’ video. Trying to keep the thing a reasonable length – ie: under two-and-a-half minutes – is a challenge, but I eventually come up with a cut that we both think works.

In the studio I run through some of the proposed set list for the upcoming Netherlands and Belgium shows…been a while since I played some of these songs.

I’d hoped for a walk today but I’m out of time. Instead I upload the intro video to YouTube and Facebook and set up a ‘premier’ for 9pm. Then I make some corn tortillas for our chilli tacos.

Dinner’s ready, but before we eat I ‘attend’ the online video premier then we settle down, eat and watch the latest Rip it Up! episode on the BBC iPlayer…