LAST day before we head to Belgium and Netherlands, so lots to do.

I revisit some of the Creative Scotland funding info, but until I hear back from the other parties involved I cannot do much…and with time at a premium, I cannot afford to put time into something uncertain.

For some fresh air I accompany Margaret on her couch to 5k run then spend some time working on ‘the new song’. Hopefully I’ll find time to record it properly when we get back.

There’s promo postcards to be printed up and last minute social media promo to be done for the gigs.

I get all the music gear sorted and ready to go in the car then go for a walk up the the loch side. While I’m away, Margaret empties the car of all the crap that’s gathered since the last gig trip ready for me to pack the car when I get back.

Margaret’s in the office sorting merch..and needs new Euro price lists. I knock ’em up, print then laminate them and suddenly we’re outta time…we’re going along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner which is a nice way to draw a line under what’s been needing done today and relax. Until morning.