Video blog day two…I manage to get the video files from the camera to iPad…so the story continues. Click above to watch.

I FALL out the top bunk and go in search of coffee…the queue’s a mile long.

I’m just back at the cabin and unsuccessfully attempted to restart the red wine-infused laptop when an announcement comes over telling drivers to go to the car deck. FFS…

Luckily Margaret got everything packed so we bundle everything out the cabin and make our way to the car.

There’s some kinda delay and we’re waiting in the car for a good 45 minutes….no fun when you’re busting for the toilet!

The traffic jams once we’re off the boat don’t help – but I use the next hour in the car to post the previous day’s blog.

We stop for a coffee then continue to Geldrop and find our hotel. We’ve a few hours to relax…until we realise that my washbag with steroid eye drops, toiletries and our electric toothbrush is missing. We left it on the fucking boat. Jeez…,two careless disasters in 12 hours!

We go out and buy deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste…I’ll just use Margaret’s shampoo etc. Hopefully my eyes will last ‘til we get back…just ramped up the steroids, so couldn’t be a worse time to suddenly stop them 🙁

Tonight’s show us at Backstage Barber in Mierlo which is just ten minutes’ away. Ruud and Jean Pierre gave everything ready…and our pal René has left a litre bottle of 12 year old Glenlivet on the stage! We say thanks when he turns up later with a crowd of pals in tow.

The gig goes great although I’m pretty puggled and sweat-soaked when I finish around midnight. We drink a fair load of whisky then tidy up and load out.

Check the videoblog for another summary of the day!