WE wake up on the boat with a couple of hours to go before we’re due to arrive at North Shields.

Typically it takes a while to get off the boat and despite our 9.15 arrival time, it’s after 10.30am but he time we’ve got through passport control etc.

First stop is the DFDS office to pick up the ‘lost’ toilet bag. Margaret called them yesterday and they said the bag had been found and we could pick up. Oddly she also got an email saying ‘we regret to inform you your property has not been found’! Anyway, the folks in the office are pleasant and do indeed have the bag 🙂

Margaret drives and we stop at Gretna services for some snacks then hit Glasgow early afternoon. Fuel, shopping, foreign currency exchange, bank…

I’d thought we’d be home around 1/2pm, but its after 5pm when we get back.

There’s a bit of work too be done on the local 4G internet project and I try to work out what to do with the goosed MacBook Pro. The Touch Bar is coming on but no screen…I try it connected to the iMac in the studio in case it’s something to do with the screen/graphics card but no joy. It doesn’t;t appear to be covered by my ‘office’ insurance…and if it is claimable under our house insurance there’s a £200 excess. Needless to say I’m stressed about having a bust credit card…and an unusable laptop to show for it.

Anyway, not much I can do tonight…I’ll contact Apple in the morning. Meantime, Margaret’s been trying to speak to National in California about a wee project but no joy getting through.

I make some tofu with lemongrass, basil and lime and we relax a while before turning in for an early night.